Naughty Elf #8 (Freezer Folly)

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Guess I better apologize to Ron for yelling at him for eating all the ice cream.

Fisbee, you naughty elf, get a bowl and spoon!

Naughty Elf #5 (Fisbee’s Cross-Country Adventure)

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So, Marie decided she wanted to get in on this “naughty elf” action, too. She came over yesterday to borrow Fisbee and take some pictures. Let’s see what’s on my her camera, shall we?

*fake gasp*  MARIE! How could you!? That is my daughter’s Barbie camper!  REALLY! I NEVER would take credit for this myself! Quick, find me some pearls to clutch! And bring my vapors!

Naughty Elf # 4: Chip Chomper

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“Mom, Fisbee’s eating all the chocolate chips again!”

Fisbee, you naughty elf, I was going to make cookies for Santa with those!     This image appeared first on

Naughty Elf #3: Revenge

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Berkley, the dog, was just trying to be friendly, but Fisbee, the naughty elf, was not pleased.  Oh, Fisbee, that’s not nice!

Naughty Elf

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Jenny and I are feeling a little lazy this holiday season so we thought we would let Fisbee, the naughty elf, do the work for us.

Turns out, Fisbee is pretty lazy, too, so he is just going to revisit his adventures from 2012.



The Marshmallow Muncher

Fisbee, that naughty elf, apparently beat Kelly to the cereal.


"Thanks for stealing all the marshmallows, chuckle-head."

“Thanks for stealing all the marshmallows, chuckle-head.”


My Apologies to Bill Watterson

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So, I put the kids to bed tonight and I kept hearing giggling coming from upstairs. So I went upstairs to see what was going on. Apparently the kids were using an invisible ink pen to make Calvin & Hobbes anatomically correct in one of their C & H books. Then they were using the little blacklight at the end of the pen to check out the results.

I blame their father.

I Built a Spaceship (And I Learned How to Build My Own Grow Room)

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OK, so here are updated pictures (including the final version) of the Halloween project:


This totally looks like two Darth Vader heads kissing, to me.

Below are pictures of the UFO after I’d finally gotten it off the porch and put it on the lawn. It is a 9 foot diameter PVC frame covered with adhesive-backed shelf-liner which I then covered with mylar. When I was researching how to attach mylar to a PVC skeleton on-line Google took me to a bunch of helpful sites like and which provided instructions on how to build your own grow room. Good to know. It will certainly make the midnight raid on my house less unexpected.

Anyway, the ship has little bowling pin aliens in the “windows.” The inflatable cow is attached by a fishing line and has a spotlight shining down on it. The aliens in the windows are backlit by green electroluminescent lights. And the sign says “AREA 151″ because that’s our street address. It worked out pretty well. We had a kid’s Halloween party the next day for 19 kids.

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We provided silly string guns so the kids could ambush the aliens. This is what happened:

IMG_4652They shot the adults. Understandable mistake.

IMG_4655 IMG_4664 IMG_4656

But they also attacked the cow, the lawn, and each other in addition to the aliens in the ship.

And the treehouse…

IMG_4669 IMG_4668

… was the scene of a tween rave. Juice boxes, empty candy boxes, and silly string on the walls. Because that’s how we roll.