So, Three Kids Walk Into a Bar…

DONTALWAYSSo, I took the kids to bar this weekend. MADE ENTIRELY OF ICE, that’s why. And also, because had a great deal on ticket prices. The kids were a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience and wanted to leave shortly after we got there, which was roughly 4 minutes after I paid $6 each for four drinks (blackberry lemonade). WHICH WERE IN GLASSES MADE ENTIRELY OF ICE. (I get excited over little things). Anyway, I couldn’t blame them. It was fairly small and very cold—about 20 degrees inside, and there were no unoccupied seats. WHICH WERE MADE ENTIRELY… get the idea.

So, on our way out we were encouraged to smash our ice-glasses of largely undrunk $6 drinks in a big plastic (NOT MADE ENTIRELY OF ICE) garbage can. Scott smashed his by raising it quickly in the air and throwing $6 worth of blackberry lemonade directly in his face before throwing the now-empty glass down into the garbage and shrieking in outrage. Then we quickly exited into a hallway where we hung up our bar-provided capes and tossed our bar-provided mittens into another plastic bin. Finally, after paying an obscene amount of money for a commemorative photo of our visit (always cherish your child’s firsts) we left.

I don’t remember the bar being this blue:





Kelly was using our commemorative photo as a shield















It’s like reliving what I wished had been my college years.


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  1. Lol … I’ve missed you girls and your funny, crazy families. Due to my own family (or my husband’s crazy “ex-family”), I had to relaynch my blog. I’m still wild, still in Virginia, and still immensley proud to have made your blogroll with the old name. But most of all I am still grateful for having reconnected with the ladies who don’t so much restore sanity to my motherhood, rather keep me company while I convince myself sanity is relative and overrated :) Got some catching up to do. Abi.

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