My Secret is Out

It has finally happened. I knew that this was coming sometime; I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Kelly recently turned 9 and she has started becoming more independent, and pulling away from me. I know this is normal and expectable and I am not interfering with this process, but it still hurts my heart. She no longer lets me brush her hair in the morning (that job has gone to Dad), and she had a total meltdown last weekend because she didn’t want to be on my “team” in a game of Capture the Flag. *sigh* And when we were coming up with ideas for our team name for Trivia Night at her school she found all my silly suggestions to be both embarrassing and horrifying. (Just a short time ago she would have loved our team name to be “The Drunken Atheists,” although I never actually would have gone with that). My little girl no longer thinks I walk on water. She has discovered that I am actually an uber-uncool super dork. What adds insult to injury is that while she is pulling away from me she has become totally smitten with THIS guy:

Kelly's Dad

Kelly’s Dad

I mean, REALLY?!?!?!?!

One thought on “My Secret is Out

  1. That’s just cause she knows Mark to Be an uber uncool super dork with MINIONS that he lets her roll dice to KILL!

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