I Never Lose Anything! But I Do Misplace a Lot of Stuff…

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My keys are usually right where I left them…right under something.

So, I spent most of my day yesterday searching for my missing house keys. By dinner time, I still hadn’t found them.

My husband always teases me about losings things and my lack of organization around the house. First of all, I never lose anything!   I have, however, been known to misplace things.  Okay, a lot of things.  Several times a week.  But that is totally different from losing things.  I never lose anything.  Second of all, I think organized chaos is as good a system as any, even if I can’t find things as quickly as my husband can.

Anyway, when my husband came home, I reluctantly asked him if he had seen my house keys.

Ron:  Yea.  They were on the counter this morning.  Under something. Like usual.

Me:  Those were my car keys.  I have them.  I’m looking for my house keys.

Ron:  You lost your house keys!

Me:  I didn’t say that.  I just wanted to know if you have seen them.

Ron:  Well, where did you leave them?

Me:  I am not even going to answer that.  Never mind, I’ll find them later.

But Ron was on the hunt.  He looked everywhere while I walked behind him saying, “I already looked there if I didn’t find them, what makes you think you will?”

After exhausting every possible location, he asked, “Did you look in your purse?”

“Of course, I looked in my purse!  That’s the first place I looked. If it will make you feel better, you can look.”

“Oh, no!” he said.  “I know better than to do that.  Women will tell you you can look in their purses but when you do it never turns out well.”

“But I told you could.”

Right about then Aaron walked into the room.  “I’ll look through your purse!” he said as he took it off the chair and started to rummage through the contents.

“Gum!  Can I have a piece?”

Ron looked over Aaron’s shoulder into my purse.

“Look all you want,” I said, smugly.  “I know they are not in there.”  I had looked through my purse twice already.  I couldn’t wait to hand out an “I told you so!”

“So, then whose keys are these?” asked Ron, pulling the keys out of the cell phone pocket inside my purse.

Aviary Photo_130475131292623416I felt my face go red.  “See.  I told you I didn’t lose them.  They were right where they belonged!”

Ron looked at me and smiled.  He didn’t say another word.  I think this means I have to keep him. And, be more careful about where I put my stuff.


4 thoughts on “I Never Lose Anything! But I Do Misplace a Lot of Stuff…

  1. LOL! I’m the SAME way!! I don’t lose things either. I say some things are just “gone for now. it’ll be back.” And I truly believe that there is a time to stop looking. Because it usually turns up while I’m doing something else. Not always convenient but it works. Organized kaos. YES!

    • Love it, Abby! Glad I am not the only one. By the way, glad to see that things are going well for you. Sorry I wasn’t able to listen in on the tele-summit this year but it sounded great.

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